Why build a battery into a stove?

Stoves use lots of power when in use, but the thing is, they aren't in use all the time. Integrating a battery smoothes out the overall usage, resulting in an appliance that requires less power and also is much more simple than a typical stove in terms of installation. About 30% of homes in America have gas stoves and are typically not wired to support an induction stove without serious electrical upgrades—thankfully, our cooktop can run off a normal 120V outlet, meaning we can plug into existing circuits that are already present in the kitchen.

By integrating a battery and running the internals of the stove off of it directly, we can also greatly augment the peak performance of the system. The result of this is a stove that's currently about 3 times more powerful than typical induction cooktops and 5 times more than gas stoves on the market. This enables us to ship a highly differentiated stove product versus the existing manufacturers.

Additionally, by putting many kWh (kilowatt-hours) of storage into your home via batteries, you can explicitly choose to charge only off of renewable energy – and shift home energy consumption to renewable sources even before the grid fully decarbonizes. The individual appliances also can be put to work to stabilize the grid, and enable the appliances themselves to work when the power is out.  Depending on your utility and rate plan, this can also result in substantial savings on your electricity bill.

Lastly, we believe that this is a path towards deploying lots of energy storage onto the grid.  Each appliance we make ships with a 3+ kWh battery pack (and is thus resistant to power outages) and an inverter to let that share power with the rest of the home, similar to a home battery system. With a full suite of appliances, the combined storage will rival centralized home battery systems.

What is home electrification?

Home electrification is a movement aimed at driving the transition from gas to electric power in homes through the use of clean and/or renewable energy in lieu of harmful alternatives that emit greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere.

Is Impulse building more appliances?

We plan to build battery-integrated versions of other major appliances. We also intend for multiple products to be able to coordinate their individual battery storage into a combined whole-home battery solution.

What is a battery-integrated appliance?

A new type of electric appliance with an embedded battery that works off of combined AC and DC power. Our vision encompasses appliances that are higher performance, easier to install, and provide storage at scale to support the grid.


What size cutout does the Impulse Cooktop fit in?

Ideal cutout measurements for the 30” Impulse Cooktop:

width (X): 28 1/2” - 29 1/2”

depth (Y): 19 5/16” - 19 5/8”

We are actively exploring solutions to accommodate other cutout sizes including one for 36” products.

What type of battery is in the Impulse cooktop?

Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP) – this chemistry is validated in both electric vehicles and the existing home battery storage industry. LFP batteries have significantly improved safety and longevity characteristics compared to other Lithium battery types, commonly referred to as “Lithium-ion” batteries.

Battery certification and safety

We’re designing and manufacturing the stovetop, battery pack, and key internal components to comply with all relevant UL standards and other applicable compliance requirements.

What is the lifetime of the battery?

Our battery is designed to last beyond the average lifetime of standard appliances, and if a replacement is needed, the battery is modular and can be replaced upon request.

What is an inverter and why is it important?

Bidirectional inverters connect batteries to the grid – this is a component that is commonly found in other home battery products, and enables transferring energy from the battery to the home by converting electricity from DC to AC.

Including an inverter in our products enables our long term vision of incrementally building an enormous global, decentralized battery as individual appliances get upgraded.

What is backfeeding or a Battery Energy Storage System (BESS)?

When connected over a 240V hardwired connection and contingent on local regulations and utility policies, batteries can share energy with the rest of the home and help reduce peak demand from the grid.

How long will the battery work during an outage?

During an outage, the 3 kWh battery can power the stove for up to three meals on a full charge. Counterintuitively, many gas stoves don’t work during outages due to safety features that require electricity to enable the gas valves and light the ignition.

What is induction and how is it different from radiant electric?

While both often look like flat black rectangles, induction and radiant electric are actually quite different. Induction is more efficient as it directly heats cookware through alternating magnetic fields, quickly getting up to temperature. Radiant electric uses heated coils that radiate through a glass surface to heat cookware from the bottom. Radiant electric stoves can remain hot for several minutes after a burner is turned off since the heat is transferred through the cooking surface. This also means they are far less efficient, losing substantial heat to the surrounding environment (gas stoves suffer from this same inefficiency).

Will my cookware work with induction?

Induction technology works through electromagnetic fields between the coils in the surface of the stove and the pot - magnetic stainless steel, cast iron, enameled iron, or nickel base are all compatible with induction. If a magnet sticks to your pot or pan, then it'll work with an induction stove.

What is temperature control?

Temperature control means your stove works more like an oven – you can set an exact temperature and the stove will automatically deliver the right amount of power to maintain it. Unlike other products, we have a proprietary solution to this very difficult problem that works across pan types and offers an unparalleled cooking experience.

How powerful is the Impulse Cooktop?

With the integrated battery that can slowly charge up when you're not using it, and then quickly release that energy when you turn up a burner - there’s an incredible equivalent of 72,000 BTU/h of heating power, or 10 kW. (Compare that to 18,000 BTU/h for the best gas stoves currently on the market, or the equivalent of 28,500 BTU/h for some of the best induction stoves.) 

Why is there a giant screen on my stove? Why are there LED rings under each element?

We’re packing a lot of capability into our cooktop but want to make sure it remains familiar and easy to use. The display lets us communicate new capabilities like temperature control very clearly, and enables future possibilities for a helpful user experience. Additionally, we realize knowing if surfaces are hot isn’t obvious with induction – we added lights to each burner to indicate this explicitly and to provide direct feedback similar to the flame of a gas stove.


We heard people like knobs. The knobs on the Impulse Cooktop are magnetic, removable, and have no electronics so you can clean the (flat) glass behind them if there’s a spill - unreliable touch screen controls are now a thing of the past.

Installation & Power Requirements

Power Requirements

120V / 15A (NEMA 5-15P plug) or 240V circuit.  

What is peak load and time of use (TOU)?

Time-of-use is a pricing structure in which electricity rates vary based on the time of day and demand levels, encouraging consumers to use power during lower-demand periods to optimize cost savings. Whether you are enrolled in a TOU plan will depend on the agreement you have with your utility company.

Do I need an electrician?

We do not anticipate that the Impulse Cooktop will require additional electrical work for installation with a 120V connection. If you have an existing electric cooktop (induction or radiant), then our cooktop is compatible with what you already have, with no need to upgrade. For a 240V connection, the work is analogous to a typical electric or induction cooktop.

Countertop Dimensions

Our stove fits in standard drop-in cutouts for 30” cooktops, and is compatible with typical drawer clearances. We recommend installing an open cabinet below the stove (e.g. for trash bins and storage) for easy access underneath and full ventilation. 


Can I change my order?

If you have questions or need help with your order, contact orders@impulselabs.com


Tier 1 deposits and preorders will ship free in Q4 2024. Tier 2 deposits will ship in 2025, additional shipping and delivery fees apply. Exact shipping and delivery timing confirmed upon fulfillment.


Shipping within the US only.


Tier 1 Deposits: A $249 deposit today secures your Impulse Induction Cooktop at the discounted price of $5,499*, the remaining balance of $5,250* will be automatically collected prior to confirmed ship date.

Tier 2 Deposits: A $249 deposit today secures your Impulse Induction Cooktop at the price of $5,999*, the remaining balance of $5,750* will be automatically collected prior to confirmed ship date.

These prices do not take into account substantial expected savings with subsidies and tax credits.

*Quantities limited and pricing is subject to duties and taxes.

When is the balance for my order due?

The remaining balance including duties and taxes will be charged automatically prior to shipping confirmation.

Subsidies & Rebates

The Impulse Cooktop is eligible for the 30% battery tax credit, reducing the total price of $5,999 to approximately $4,200* after refund.

Customers are responsible for applying for credits. Eligibility for additional federal and state subsidies dependent on household income and location. This includes $840 from The Home Electrification and Appliance Rebate program through the IRA rebate and up to a $500 rebate for installation costs in converting from gas.

Many regions have additional state, regional, and utility-level incentives for induction stoves and energy storage systems. In most cases, these incentives stack with federal incentives and are typically more widely accessible. Make sure to read program details at the links below to understand if you are eligible.






Please refer to our terms and conditions for more information. Reach out to orders@impulselabs.com for any refund requests.


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